HITS Triathlon Prerace Preparations – Corpus Christi, Texas

HITS Triathlon Prerace Preparations – Corpus Christi, Texas

Debbie and I arrived in Corpus Christi, Texas Wednesday February 15, 2012, which is where we both grew up, met in high school and where were married 40 years ago this
coming May.

Today, I made a practice swim in the area where the HITS Triathlon
swim will be held in Corpus Christi Bay on Sunday.  The photographs below were taken by Debbie Howard.

I started and ended the swim in the very spot where I used to fish with
my Grandfather and Mother when I was 6 years old.  It is a swim I will always remember.


The Lexington Aircraft Carrier and Corpus Christi Ship Channel were the back drop for the swim.

The water temperature was 61 F with visibility under water of 4 to 5 feet.

There were two dolphin in the area where I was swimming.  At times I would encounter wind blown waves 2 feet (+) in height.  As I would glide down the back side of the waves using the a extended body position for stability, I felt very relaxed and free as the dolphin must have felt that were swimming in the area where I was.

For the past three days, I have made swims not for speed or measured distance but purely for the enjoyment of open water swimming and being in the same waters with the dolphin and sea birds.

Below are some of my swim partners that Debbie captured on film during a swim I made Wednesday afternoon just after we arrived in Corpus Christi.  Debbie said a one point a pelican was swimming very close to me as I passed by the end of the jetty.

Saturday February 18 Race Prep


Delivered Bike to Transition with Debbie and we checked out Race Start Areas


I made a 20 min swim – no wet suit to check out swim start buoys and sighting.  Many dolphin swimming along race course.


Swim Start Area


Looking South Along Swim Course




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