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Steve Howard, a 60-year old engineer, lives with his wife Debbie in Broussard, Louisiana (Near Lafayette, Lousiana). In 2008, weighing over 300 lbs., a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes prompted him to get serious about eating and living healthfully. By taking up cycling and adopting a mostly-vegan diet, he lost 115 pounds. The following year he became a Total Immersion Swimmer.

In 2012 Steve became certified as Total Immersion Swim Coach and also certified as a USAT Level 1 Triathlete Coach.  As a result of weight loss and becoming an avid swimmer, cyclist and runner, he has regained his health and fitness.  Both Debbie and Steve take part in a variety  of swimming, cycling and running events. Steve and his wife Debbie share their knowledge and passion on swimming, cycling and running and health and wellness with friends and family.


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Steve,
    Nice to meet you in Oklahoma City last weekend (my cousin, Kevin, and I spoke with you at the pool the morning after the race). Great site! I look forward to reading more on Swimfulthinking.com over time!

    Take care,
    Tim Kiefer

    • Tim,

      It was my priivlege meeting and visiting with you and Kevin. I want to congratulate both of on the Redman event you both completed. I hope to talk with both of you on the phone in the near future. Tell Kevin I said hello. Thank you for the comments.

      Kind Regards – Steve

  2. Hi Steve

    I hope you are well.

    I too have a Woodway Desmo and would like to operate it from my PC, I notice in one of your photos you are doing exactly that. Can you please let me know what software you are using to operate it and where the best place to get it from?

    Kind regards


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